Welcome to HerzLi[fe]ya

This is the place to get and share useful tips about Herzliya! Check regularly for more tips and new events!

Welcome to HerzLi[fe]ya

This is the place to get and share useful tips about Herzliya! Check regularly for more tips and new events!

Welcome to HerzLi[fe]ya

This is the place to get and share useful tips about Herzliya! Check regularly for more tips and new events!

Welcome to HerzLi[fe]ya

This is the place to get and share useful tips about Herzliya! Check regularly for more tips and new events!

Welcome to HerzLi[fe]ya

This is the place to get and share useful tips about Herzliya! Check regularly for more tips and new events!



Gzuztra is located on the Herzliya beach, next to the Hotel Dan Accadia. The word Gzuztra means balcony and it is quite appropriate for the restaurant. It has a full wall of windows facing the sea. The menu of the kosher restaurant is a new experience. It is unstructured and the dishes are not that big and a single meal will consist of two or three dishes. The whole concept of the restaurant is that guests should share their dishes, enabling everyone to taste different kinds of food.                   
Part of the menu is sushi and you all shoud know by now: Sushi is my favorite food!!!! And the sushi there is really good, try it!! But before getting the dishes, you should start with the bread and spreads. While waiting for your food, enjoy the sea view or just the atmosphere. When the food starts to arrive, it is very nice prepared on small plates and you will very much enjoy looking at it, but of course it also tastes very well.

So visit this restaurant and I am sure you will also enjoy it like I did!!!

Address: Ramat Yam 100, Herzliya Pituach



2 years I am already in the gym “Space” which is located on Sokolov Street 6, right next to the AM:PM. It is relatively new and offers many different things. I pay around 200 shekels a month for a 2 years contract and can use all the machines and can as well attend all courses they offer, which are spinning, aerobic, zumba and many others that help you to stay in shape. After you sign a contract with them, you get a personal trainer for the first training and he/she helps you to figure out your perfect training-system, meaning which machines you should use and how often you should exercise. Additionally the trainer creates a plan with you for how long you should do all the machines.
After you finish either your training or the courses, you can use the Sauna, very relaxing after a hard exercising-session. In the lobby of the gym, you can find clothes or sports goods. 
So go there and ask for more information.
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 06.00-24.00
          Friday 07.00-18.00
          Saturday 09.00-21.00
Check their website:


Summer Clothing Swap

Have any gently-used summer wear you are sick of? Bring a few pieces of clothing to trade with others to freshen up your wardrobe for the new season!

Environmentally friendly tote bags will be for sale--Bring the tote to our local health food store partnership and look forward to a continuous discount on your purchases there (go sustainability!)

Food and Beverages will be served
Time: 22.04.2011 11.00am - 2.30pm
Where: Kastiela Vintage Boutique Sokolov 31, Herzliya


Chocolate by the Bald Man

My friends and I went to Max Brenner in Herzliya Pituach and we ordered the Chocolate Fondue which they call “Sharing”, because it’s definitely too much for one person, but perfect to share with your friends. We got different kinds of fruits and hot chocolate as well as ice cream, a small pancake and some other chocolate stuff. Very tasty!!! Another thing I can recommend are the shakes they offer. My favorite milkshake is the white chocolate granita. Extremely sweet, but amazing!!!!
“The experience is all about the chocolate and different ways to open up to it”
If you think, you can only order food with chocolate, it is almost right, but you can also order sandwiches or salads, but you always get a piece of chocolate.

It is definitely an experience to eat there and I always enjoy it. So guys, whoever wasn’t there yet, you have to go and make your own experience there, I’m sure, you’ll love it!!!

Address: 8 Hamenofim St., Herzliya Pituach


Herzliya Garage Sale

Hey guys,
I stumbled upon an Ad about something very interesting here in Herzliya! Have you ever heard of garage sales? If you did, you know what’s coming… If you haven’t here is a brief description: It is really easy, basically it is a flea market outside people’s houses, selling their goods and possessions.
Upcoming Thursday and Friday (14.04.11 and 15.04.11) it’s happening.
During those two days, a special sale is offered in the neighborhood of Neve Amal where you can find things like second-hand, self-made clothes, games, accessories for young and old, housewares, books, jewelry, electronic devices and all the little stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

So come by and take a look at all the amazing stuff people offer there and find what you always or never looked for :)

When: Thursday 14.04.2011 from 3pm
            Friday15.04.2011 from 3 pm
Where: Neve Amal Herzliya à check out the pictures next to this post, you will find a map of Herzliya and the exact locations of the garage sale as well as the flyer for the event (in Hebrew)


Kastiela Vintage Boutique Grand Re-opening

Far from home and missing your vintage fix? Come and celebrate the grand re-opening of Kastiela Vintage Boutique! Stop by for free manicures, cocktails and refreshments...while trying on the coolest, most affordable vintage clothing in Herzilya.

Mention the secret password, "KAZAM!" at the register and receive 10% off your purchase

Let's kick off the summer with a vintage blast!
When? Monday, April 11 6pm - 9pm
Where? 31 Sokolov, Herzliya (behind the lotto booth across from cafe cafe)


Theodor Bar

This bar is the heart of the city (not including Herzliya Pituach) in terms of nightlife. It is located on Sokolov Street 29, right next to the Cinemateque of Herzliya. The bar opened 1 year ago and since then it has huge success. If you go there on Mondays, you will experience a nice evening of karaoke. Sometimes they invite bands to play and after the bands finish performing, the stage is yours. Every few weeks, there is a ladies night on Tuesdays, where girls get drinks much cheaper than usually. I know what I am talking about,


Pizza and Yogurth!!!!

I think everyone who lives in Herzliya knows about Sderot Chen, which is next to the Kikar on Sokolov. You can find two of my favorite choices of food there, one is pizza from Agvania and my favorite desert “Yogurt” from "Passiflora". Actually the Yogurt is not only a desert, it is almost a whole meal, at least for me. Agvania only offers pizza, but very thin ones and I think even the thinnest I have eaten in Israel so far. One big peace costs 16/17 Shekel and a whole pizza costs around 60 shekel, which is really not cheap, but if you divide it with friends the price is ok.

The Yogurt place next to it offers not only Yogurt but also different fruit drinks, coffee, and other drinks. The Yogurt works the following: You choose the size of a yogurt, either small (17NIS), medium (22NIS) or big (around 35NIS). Then you decide which fruits you want, usually you have a choice of around 7 fruits including strawberry, banana, apple, pineapple etc. After they put the yogurt on top of the fruits, you can choose between different sweets including nuts, chocolate and “gummi”. When you think that’s it, you are wrong. Now you can put a sauce on it either chocolate, strawberry, honey etc. Now you are ready to go and have a perfect tasty yogurt!!! 

If you are lucky and the weather is good you can sit outside, they offer a lot of chairs with umbrellas.
Enjoyyyy :)



It is possible here in Herzliya, at IDC….

If you have a romantic partner with whom you are involved at least 4 month you are the perfect candidate.
Both of you need to be fluent in Hebrew, reading and writing as well as heterosexual, not religious, between 20 - 45 years old and willing to learn new and interesting information about your relationship. Furthermore, you should not be a psychology student because yes, as you might have guessed it is a psychology experiment :)

It will be conducted on campus in the psychology labs whenever you have time...
Doesn't that sound great?
If you and your partner are interested or know someone who might be just sign up via:


Outlet Herzliya

The outlet is located in the main business district of Herzliya Pituach. The good thing about the mall is that the shops have yearlong sales, meaning that you can find mostly winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter... There are shops like Mango, Castro, Honigman, Dan Cassidi and many more. You can also find cafes there as well as fast food. The bookstore next to the mall is one of the few stores in the area, where you can find English books and really a lot of them. I love this shop, because


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